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Fully Managed Virtual Private Servers

ET Web Hosting VPS SolutionsFor those who are interested in our completely managed dedicated servers, but can not yet justify a full dedicated server, we now offer a fully managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) product. These VPS packages can be considered as "Junior Dedicated Servers".

A VPS is a truly isolated and private server environment, located on one of our powerful shared servers. Each VPS is totally independent from any other VPS on the same server, so other customers on the same physical server will have absolutely no effect on you. (Think of it like an apartment building, where there are several completely isolated homes within the same physical building.)

Each VPS is 100% fully managed with the same high level of server management provided with our fully managed dedicated servers and normal shared servers. You also get root WHM access, your own system software, and you can depend on guaranteed server resources.

All our VPS servers are built using top of the line server-quality hardware:

  • Intel Quad Core Harpertown Xeon Processors, with 12MB cache
  • Minimum of 8GB ECC RAM
  • Four 10K RPM Raptor SATA Hard Drives in a hardware RAID 10 array
  • Redundant Power Supplies

There are 6-8 VPS environments per server, and our servers are not oversold. (See more info about our "no overselling" philosophy.) Please keep in mind that this is not a replacement for our entry line of dedicated servers, because the CPU and RAM for each VPS environment is not equal to that of our entry dedicated servers by any means. However, the CPU of our VPS servers is more then adequate for those needing more than a typical reseller account but not yet ready for the power of a full dedicated server.

Click here for our VPS server FAQ.

  VPS 1 VPS 2
Monthly fee (USD $) $250 $300
One-time setup fee $49.95 $49.95
Guaranteed RAM (2) 1 GB 1.5 GB
Burst RAM (3) up to server maximum up to server maximum
Equal share CPU (4) yes yes
Disk Space 100 GB 150 GB
Monthly bandwidth 1TB 1.5 TB
IP addresses 8 8
WHM / cpanel / fantastico yes yes
Fully managed (1) yes yes
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(1) All our VPS solutions are completely managed and monitored 24/7/365 by the same excellent team of server admins who manage our shared and dedicated servers. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your server is in capable hands!

(2) Guaranteed RAM is the minimum amount of RAM that will always be available for your VPS, no matter what is happening on the server.

(3) If there is any unused memory on the server (ie: another VPS that isn't using their guaranteed RAM allowance) then that memory is available for you to use.

(4) This means that your VPS will have full equal access to all the CPUs and processing power of the entire server.


These VPS packages can be considered as "Junior Dedicated Servers". Your VPS is totally independent and isolated from other customers on the same physical server, so what THEY do will NOT not effect you in any way. You will be able to create your own WHM accounts, as well as have root WHM access if desired. (However, we do urge *extreme* caution if you are unfamiliar with the many options available with root WHM.)

Since our VPS solutions are true fully managed, root SSH is not offered. If you require any root commands to be executed, just submit a helpdesk ticket and we'll take care of it immediately. The reason behind our "no root SSH" policy is because we can't truly offer a fully managed server if we're not the only ones with root access to it. (This is the same reasoning as with our managed dedicated servers.)

Please be sure to view the VPS server FAQ or contact us!

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