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  Windows -vs- Linux Web Hosting - What is the difference?


If you're reading this page, then you've probably noticed we offer both "Linux" and "Windows" web hosting packages. So what does this mean? What's the difference? Which one should you choose?

The terms Linux and Windows refer to the operating system running on the web servers. Generally, the only time you would need to choose Windows hosting is if you are using any files or databases that will only run on the Windows operating system.

You should choose a Windows hosting plan plan if:

  1. Any files of your website end with .asp, .aspx, or .net. (ie: index.asp)
  2. You need a MS SQL database. (Also known as "Microsoft SQL Server".)

For anything else, you are probably safe to choose one of our Linux Web Hosting packages.

If you're not sure which type of hosting you need, please feel free to contact us -- we'll be happy to help you decide.

** NOTE: A website built using Microsoft FrontPage can be hosted on either our Linux or Windows hosting plans. (The FrontPage server extensions are installed and work equally well on both.)

I'm just curious -- Why are the Windows plans more expensive?

Great question!

Our Linux hosting plans are less expensive because our costs to implement them are lower. For example, our Linux servers use the CentOS operating system with the MySQL database. Both are open-source software applications and do not require any license fees.

Windows, on the other-hand, is very expensive. Every Windows server requires us to purchase a license from Microsoft for the Windows operating system, and licenses for the MS SQL (SQL Server) database software are also very expensive.


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