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Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

We treat your server as we treat our own.

In the web hosting industry, the definition of Fully Managed varies from provider to provider. If you ask ten different providers, you will likely receive ten different answers. Because of this, we very clearly document what we consider to be a true fully managed server.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

Click here to view the FAQ about our dedicated and VPS servers.

Software Administration

This is what sets us apart from other server providers. To put it simply -- we take care of everything.

We handle the complete installation, configuration, and day-to-day administration and support of all software on your server from start to finish. We will treat your dedicated server just like one of our own shared servers. This includes configuring everything needed to reliably use the server, including the proper setup of cPanel, nightly/weekly/monthly backups (onto a second hard drive), and all necessary operating system and application software.

We will pro-actively apply system software security patches and kernel upgrades to your server, as necessary, only after communicating with you to arrange a convenient time. (Emergency/critical patches or upgrades will be done first and then communicated to you after the fact.)

We closely monitor all aspects of your server (load, http/email/mysql/etc) in order to ensure the highest possible uptime, as well to provide you valuable insight on your server's performance. If we see there is a tweak or change that will make your server faster or more reliable then we'll either go ahead and do it (and let you know) or we'll contact you to discuss the enhancement so you can make an informed decision. (ie: We won't make any big changes to your server that could potentially break your software or websites. If there is something that will make your sites load faster, then we'll contact you to talk about it.)

Our server administration team will work every day at all times to make sure your server is running as fast and efficiently as possible.

Pro-active and Reactive Monitoring

We will add your server to our monitoring system (the same ones we use ourselves for our shared servers) and monitor your server constantly (about every minute) for any changes or alerts. We are one of the most proactive companies when it comes to server/reliability and integrity, so if we see any dramatic changes, we will fix them before they become a problem.

Additionally, our server management team regularly checks all system log files to make sure everything is running smoothly, and make changes to improve performance if needed. (Any major changes that are recommended would be communicated and discussed with you first.)

Hardware Administration

We will closely monitor all your server's hardware to pro-actively identify and resolve any hardware issues in order to provide the highest possible levels of uptime and performance. We have full physical access to all the servers we manage, and have spare equipment on hand in order to perform quick replacements on bad hardware when neccessary. ET Web Hosting uses only the highest quality pro-level hardware in all our dedicated servers. Each server is built with the same Supermicro hardware we use on all our own shared servers, and are all properly cooled server-quality rackmounted servers.

Click here to view the FAQ about our dedicated and VPS servers.

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