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Multiple Websites

Microsoft Windows Shared Web Hosting
Multiple Websites. This is one of the most important features for our Windows shared hosting accounts.

Just imagine the luxury of being able to have several websites under one control panel without having to pay any extra monthly fees. It isn't unusual for a single person or business to own more then one or two websites... and the monthly fees for of all of these individual website hosting accounts can really add up! That's why we have created this incredible feature to do the obvious: help reduce overhead costs and allow you to have all your individual websites under one plan.

First of all, this feature does not cost you a dime as it is included with all ETW01 or higher Windows shared hosting plans.

Second, with each website, you are still able to have the following functions:

  • Separate email addresses
  • Separate FTP accounts
  • Separate webmail
  • Easily manage sub-domains
  • Easily check website statistics

Now... let's answer some questions:

Do I have to pay anything for these add-on domains?

Not one penny. This service comes standard with all our ETW01 plans or higher.

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How do I add a new website?

You'll be surprised at how simple this process really is! First, if you don't already have one you will need to register a new domain name. Once you have the domain name, here's how to add it as a new website to your windows hosting plan:

  1. Login to the control panel for your Windows hosting account. (See your Welcome Email for the link.)
  2. Click the Domain Settings --> Add New Domain option from the menu.
  3. Under the Host Existing Site section, enter the domain name you want to use.
  4. Hit the Submit button, and the new website will be created.
  5. You have now added a the new website. However, you must still "point" your domain name to the ET Web Hosting servers. To do this, go to your domain name registrar and modify the nameservers for the domain to use the nameservers that were specified in your original Welcome Email. If you need a hand with anything just submit a new helpdesk ticket and we'll assist right away.

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What are the nameservers for my new domain(s)?

It is very important that you use the same nameservers that are used for your domain name. They should be specified in your Welcome Email.

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Can I have Email, FTP, subdomains with my new website(s)?

You sure can! And it can all be done from within your web hosting control panel!

For example, if you were to go to the "Add New Email Account" area of your control panel, you will see a drop-down list with all the domain names associated with your account. Just be sure to pick the correct domain name from the list, and everything will work correctly.

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How do I access my additional websites with FTP?

You may do this through one of two ways:

1) Through your main FTP account. You may access the files for your additional websites through your main account FTP account. (See your Welcome Email for this information.) Once you login with your main account FTP user, you will find the files for your additional websites listed under each website's domain name.

2) Through a new FTP sub-account. You can create additional FTP sub-accounts. When creating the new FTP account, you can specify the desired "home directory" for the account so the new FTP user can only access the files for the additional website.

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How many domains can I add? Is there a maximum?

Each hosting plan that allows multiple websites has a maximum number of websites that you may create. Please see the Windows web hosting comparison chart for details.

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Can I give away (or resell) these add-on domains to my family or friends?

Yes, this is no problem. Once an additional website is created, you are free to do with it whatever you desire as long as the website complies with all of our policies.

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What is the difference between an add-on domain & a parked domain?

A Parked Domain is placing a domain "on top of" another domain, which in turn effectively points all web and email traffic address to the parked domain to the domain it is parked on top off.

For instance, if your main account is and you park the domain called on top of, then each time a user types in, they will automatically be taken to The files will be displayed from the website, but the browser will still show in the address location bar.

An add-on domain basically allows for the use of a completely new domain, with its own website files.

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