Mailing Lists

CPanel includes a popular mailing list script called Mailman. Mailing lists are an ideal tool for communication between far flung participants and can be about anything you want. Mailman allows you to set up a mailing list with a large number of configurable options, such as who is on the list, where mailing lists messages are sent, and whether you include welcoming messages to new subscribers.

The Mailman documentation, which is incorporated into its Administration panel, is clear and helpful, and should be referred to for all questions about using the script. The instructions in this section deal with how to set up, modify, and delete a Mailman mailing list from your CPanel.

The Mailman homepage is at the following address for more information:

Note: It is a good idea to be aware of spam and its definition before setting up a mailing list - refer to Spam Filters for more information.

To add a mailing list:

  1. Click on the Mailing Lists link in the Mail Control area.

  2. Enter the name of the mailing list in the Mailing list name field, and the password for the list in the Password field.

  3. Click on the Add button. Click on the Mailing lists link to return to the Mailing Lists window to confirm that it has been added.

Add a mailing list


Modifying a mailing list
Deleting a mailing list