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Bandwidth Intensive File Hosting Service

Do you have a website that needs lots of bandwidth? Maybe you have big files or video downloads, e-books, streaming media, podcasting, etc?

ET Web Hosting now offers "file hosting" packages, designed specifically for customers who need lots of premium bandwidth and disk space at a good price.

Note: This is NOT cheap no-name bandwidth from low-cost providers. This is the highest quality bandwidth that money can buy, and is the same premium level bandwidth we use for our regular hosting packages. (Multiple world-class peering, multiple backbone connections, extremely low latency, etc.)

Our file server packages are perfect for anyone who needs a highly reliable place to host their files with lots of premium high-quality bandwidth available. Basically, it's a set of massive file servers which will pump out your bandwidth-intensive files over the same solid network infrastructure we use for our regular hosting.

What You Get.

Each file server account comes with one FTP user, unlimited subdomains, and a control panel where you can login to check the details of your bandwidth usage and statistics. To keep the file servers running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, there is no php/cgi/mysql and no email service. This is true "files-only" hosting.

How It Works

Using your ET Web hosting file server account to "serve" your files is very easy. If you have any questions about how anything works or how to use your account with your website, our helpdesk technicians are available 24x7 and they love to help!

Let's imagine you have a website called and it has lots of big video files that your visitors download or view online. Your visitors are important, and you need lots of good quality bandwidth so they can download or view the videos without any problems.

Here's how you could use your file server hosting account:

  1. Sign up for a new account using the subdomain.
  2. Modify the DNS for so that points to the IP address we will give you. (Our helpdesk staff can help you with this step.)
  3. Use any FTP program to upload all your videos to your ET Web Hosting file server account.
  4. Change all the links on your website that point to your videos from to

That's it. Now all your video files will be delivered to your customers directly from your ET Web Hosting file server account, and your regular website files and email will continue just like they were before.

How Much Does It Cost?

File Server 1 File Server 2 File Server 3 File Server 3
Monthly fee (USD $) $24.95 $34.95 $44.95 $54.95
One-time setup fee $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95
Monthly bandwidth 500GB 1000GB 1500GB 2000GB
Disk space 20GB 30GB 40GB 50GB
FTP users 1
Subdomains unlimited
Graphical online statistics Yes
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** Note: These are single domain plans and include DNS hosting. You are welcome to sign up with a subdomain (ie:, but you will need to update the DNS for your domain to point your subdomain to the IP we will give you. Don't worry, our helpdesk can assist with this if you need help.

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